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Veteran to Firefighter Program


OR Air National Guard TSGT/FF Michael LaMedica    

Veterans and Firefighters are extraordinary individuals who share common values and a common mission. At Estacada Rural Fire District we offer veterans the camaraderie, teamwork, sense of belonging and purpose that so many returning veterans say they miss about active duty. The fire service offers a step-down and reintegration process that few other opportunities can offer.

You will be working with a combination of career and volunteer firefighters, EMT’s and support staff. In this new role you will be interfacing with our community members at emergency scenes, community events and fire prevention activities.

We offer a supportive environment that gives the veteran an opportunity to continue their legacy of service. You will be surrounded by like minded individuals, many of whom are also veterans, driven to serve their community in a new capacity.  Similar to your time in military service, there are numerous formal and informal support networks in place such as:


•Employee Assistance Program

•Crew Debriefings


•Peer to Peer Support

Left - US Army Infantry Corporal (ret.)/FF Damon Faust    Right- OR ANG TSGT/FF Michael LaMedica



Career Training Path

Uniforms & PPE Provided

Length of Service Retirement Program (LOSAP). Up to $3,000 annual contribution

Education Reimbursement. Up to $5,230 annual benefit

Continued Service

Life Insurance

Mileage Reimbursement

10% Hiring Preference Points. (5% for veterans and 5% for Firefighters with three or more years of service)

All Hazard Response

Updated Equipment

Scheduling Flexibility



The application process can take approximately two months. After acceptance you will begin working shifts and getting your on the job training while waiting for your formal academy to start.


Application Process

•Complete Application

•General Knowledge & Mechanical Aptitude Testing


•Physical Ability Test

•Medical Clearance

•Background Checks (Criminal & Homeland Security)

•Reference Checks & Verification



Firefighting involves extremely strenuous and skilled physical work, as well as handling emergency and life threatening situations. Demanding physical standards are necessary because of the high level of physical fitness required by the profession. Agility and endurance are necessary to perform these duties. As part of your application process you will complete a test designed to determine your physical strength, agility, and capability to perform job related tasks.

Volunteer Application with Background Check.pdf


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