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Child Safety Seats

Oregon Impact provides programs to ensure that our children are riding safely on our roadways, teens understand the consequences of impaired and distracted driving, and the adults in their lives are given the tools to guide them.

Click on the “Learn More” for available dates to attend car seat check up events in our area.


Estacada Fire District residents can borrow chimney brushes from the Estacada Fire District for FREE!

Please come by the Estacada Main Station during business hours. We are located at 261 SE Jeremy Loveless Ave Estacada, OR. There is no charge to borrow the brushes and extension rods, we just ask that you bring the brush back as soon as you’re safely finished, so that we can loan it out again.

May contain: brick
Measure your chimney before you come in.
Before you come in:

Measure the inside of your chimney pipe
Is the chimney round or square
Bring valid photo I.D. to the fire department to prove residency.
To check out a brush you will need to:

Fill out the check out form
Show valid photo I.D.

Contact the Estacada Fire Department