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Citizen Ride-Along

Administrative Guide for Ride-Along Program - guidelines to follow regarding ride-along requests:

  1. The rider must be at least 18 years of age, or at least 16 and in a formal school program which requires the experience.
  2. Observations may be conducted only between the hours of 7 am and 8 pm Monday through Saturday.
  3. Individuals may only ride or observe once in a three month period.
  4. If the rider is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign a release form. If over the age of 18, the observer will sign a release. These are to be obtained from the administration office during normal business hours and must be filled out 7 working days prior to the requested ride-along date.
  5. Attire will be dark colored jeans or slacks, a light colored shirt (no T-shirts), and appropriate footwear. All attire shall be neat and clean.
  6. Observers riding through meal periods shall bring their own meals.
  7. Observers must be afforded all necessary safety precautions while riding and while at the station. Every effort will be made to provide the observer the opportunity to observe the performance of firefighters, while still respecting victim privacy and scene safety. Observers will be briefed on the issue of medical confidentiality by the company officer and will be expected to respect the privacy of all parties and their families.
  8. Dormitories are strictly off limits for observers.
  9. If in the officer’s judgment, the observer does not comply with any of these provisions or is causing undue disruption, the observation will be terminated and the duty chief will immediately be notified. A report stating the reasons for such termination will be forwarded through proper channels to the Emergency Services Chief.
  10. Observers are to be reminded that in the eyes of the public, they are with and therefore a part of the Fire District, and are to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will not bring discredit upon the District.

Please fill-out the Ride-Along Program Request Form (below) and submit to the Estacada Rural Fire District No. 69 administration office for approval:

View the request form