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Address Signs

The fire district is concerned about locating people during their time of need. Firefighters, law enforcement, and medical personnel often find themselves frustrated when arriving to find several mailboxes at the end of a driveway, unmarked addresses, or addresses that are difficult to read in the dark. Proper identification of your residence may be the difference in saving or losing lives and property.The fire district is offering a 4½” wide x 30″ long address marker. The sign has a green background and white reflective numbers. The numbers meet the fire code requirement of 4″ high, with a ½” stroke. This address marker is mounted on a 6 foot galvanized “U” channel post that is buried 2 feet into the ground. The sign is fastened to the post with galvanized hardware. There are three configurations available:

  • Single-sided Marker – This sign should be used on spur roads and dead-end roads where emergency apparatus approach your property from one direction only. The price for this marker is $17.00 each.
  • Two-sided Marker – This sign should be used on roads where emergency apparatus may approach from two directions. Many of the roads in the fire district fall into this category. The price for this marker is $25.00 each.
  • . For questions please call us at 503-630-7712.